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Mistress Amber was bored in her house and she wanted to have fun so she chose to try butt crush fetish. The mistress took out a doll and she ass crushed it. She assumed it was a guy she had crushed using her giantess powers and she had turned him into a tiny man and was now dominating and torturing him using her sexy ass. She had fun doing it.

Madame Marissa gave her slave a warning he did not heed. She gave him a final one by showing him what she would do to him if he ignored her warning again. The mistress took a doll and she butt crushed it as he watched. She told her slave that she would crush him into a tiny man and then smother him with her ass like he had never crushed before.

These hot girls are roommates and they love doing naughty and crazy things together. Today the mistresses chose to try something else. They chose to have fun with each other's butts. They tried all they could think about from facesitting on each other to licking and spanking each other. They finished with a sexy butt crush of each other before they got tired and stopped. They, however, agreed to do it again.

Goddess Allie has a gorgeous butt and she loves to have fun with it but at the expense of other people. Today she used her giantess butt to crush this loser who had a crush on her. He was being a nuisance to her and she was not going to allow it to continue. So the mistress butt crushed the loser and made him stop being a nuisance to her.

Giantess Amber is going to torture this shrunken girl right now. She puts her tiny victim on the chair and then slowly sits down on top of her. But she isn't going to crush her victim right away ... first she's going to smother her under her sexy jeans ass! But obviously the little girl won't be able to stand the weight of her giantess mistress for long ... and then she'll be crushed flat under the giantess' ass!